Dr. J. Dan Metcalf has been a fellow of the American Cosmetic Breast Society since 1988, having taken and passed all written, oral and practical examinations with observation of his surgery by peers of the society. He has been a faculty member since 1989 and has been honored by the society as the surgeon faculty member who has made the most important and significant contributions to the education and teaching of other surgeons . He was unanimously nominated and elected President by the Board of Directors, Fellows and Members of the society.  
Dr. Metcalf is married and he and his wife have 2 children. He completed his undergraduate studies at Oklahoma State University where he was an All-American cross-country runner. He has competed in many marathons and continues to train in this sport. He completed medical school at the University of Oklahoma Medical School and completed his internship at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City.

Contributions to Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Dr. Metcalf has a background in family practice and general surgery. He has performed cosmetic breast surgery for 36 years and specialized in the axillary approach primarily since 1987.
  For the past five years he has limited his practice to cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery. He has developed the internal mastopexy procedure, which allows for a breast lift without conventional scars. He also pioneered such techniques as: Axillary subfascial approach to breast augmentation; elevation and repair of the inframammary fold without an incision; repair of synmastia both internally and externally; performing implantation surgery on patients with Poland's syndrome and the prevention and management of rippling and detectability of breast implants. He has consulted with other cosmetic breast surgeons from all over the world, including the northern and southern hemispheres of America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Dr. Metcalf has developed many other original techniques for the benefit of breast implant patients. He is considered at this time to be one of the world's most experienced breast implant surgeons, and has shared his knowledge and expertise with more surgeons of the society through personal observation and instruction than any other surgeon in the world.

He has been a pioneering leader in the Free Surgery program of the society, which offers reconstruction of the breast to women who have lost their natural breast due to cancer, and who do not have insurance and otherwise would would not be able to afford reconstruction of the breast and nipple.

One of his grateful patients writes, " You not only gave me back my breast, you gave me back my life."


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